Frequently Asked Questions

What are they made out of?

The stone liners are made of hi-density polyurethane foam. Our liners are made using the same material that is used for “Rhino Liners” in pick up beds, which insures durability and long life. They are heavyweight and vary in thickness from 1/2″ – 2″ depending on the style you choose.

What sizes are they?

All liners are custom made to order in sizes up to a maximum of 84″x168″. The maximum size we can cover will vary based on the style of stone because some styles can be flawlessly seemed. Window wells are measured around the inside of the curve and the height.

How many styles are there?

Our stone liners come in 4 basic patterns (Slate, Stacked Stone, Flagstone, and River Rock) and a variety of natural colors totaling 14 variations.

How much does it cost?

This is a one of a kind product that will likely out-live you, unlike all alternative products on the market. Pricing is determined by the square foot for material and installation costs. Additional charges may apply including freight, additional work, and custom requests, however an exact quote will be provided at the time of your initial consultation.

How do I order?

Please contact us by phone at 303-682-9500 or email at We will call you and set up a time to meet. We will then discuss the options, pricing, and schedule the installation. Our installation usually ranges about 6-10 weeks from the date of order, weather permitting. We install in the order that customers purchase. A rush order may be available as an option with an additional fee.

How is it installed?

Typically all work is done from the outside of your home. The material is trimmed to fit, worked into place, and secured with self-tapping screws. All screws are covered, caulked and painted so they are completely hidden.

What else can it be used for?

We can cover many vertical surfaces. Colorado Custom Window Wells can give the 3 Dimensional look of stone for both interior and exterior projects. All we need is a secure surface for mounting and time. Please contact us with the type of project you are considering, and we will give you more information regarding our products, options, and any requirements.

For the most accurate cost quote and project analysis please have your measurements ready and either call 303-682-9500 or email us at

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