Window Well Covers

Window Well Covers for Sale for the Residents of Colorado

window-well-coversWe don’t just stand behind our covers….. We Stand ON Our Covers!

Do you have those ugly grates that let everything in except light? Our Polycarbonate window well covers are just as strong as a grate, but can help keep out animals, debris, rain, snow, and you from falling into your window wells without blocking the natural light that your window wells were designed for! Our covers are completely clear, not translucent, UV treated to protect them from the sun, shatter proof! Our window well covers are made in Denver, Colorado on a CNC machine to ensure perfectly straight cuts. Our manufacturer is the first and only to build hinged covers with patented, aluminum structure for strength and stability.

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Low Profile Well Covers

Any Shape, Any Size, Custom Made

This cover provides the safety and security that you are looking for in a custom cover, at an economical price. Constructed of UV treated polycarbonate and aluminum, this cover is designed to withstand both Colorado weather and the harsh UV rays that discolor other covers. Sloped to move water away from the house and allow for easy egress as the covers just snap onto the window well.

Tie-down Locks

Optional tie-down locks great for areas with high wind. Easy release system.

Legacy Well Covers

This is the cover that is designed for windows that swing out or windows that extend above the window well by more than a couple of inches. The unique hinged design has been designed to allow for easy egress and adapted to work with any surface.  We also offer several different types of hinging options to accommodate culture stone, stucco and all types of siding.  Any size, any shape, any obstruction – give us the opportunity and we can make it.

Unique Custom Well Covers

When everyone else says no – give us a call. We build oversized covers that still are able to be opened, work with overhangs and obstructions, casement covers, and unique windows. We can make a cover that will work for you. These covers are built to IBC specifications, and accepted by nearly every homeowners association. Builds, contractors, remodelers, and designers please call with questions and concerns, we will be happy to work with you.

 Metal Grate Covers

These covers are Boman-Kemp expanded metal (mesh type) that come in factory manufactured stock sizes and a powder coated copper bronze color. This

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